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04 5 / 2011

Roaming Browser - the simple solution to crazy roaming fees!

Inventures has released Roaming Browser, an iPhone app that can help you save money while surfing the net abroad. 

Roaming Browser is a cut down version of mobile Safari with the ability to disable images, javascript and stylesheets, saving valuable bytes of data and cash as a result. It tracks how much data you have used and what it costs and provides you with an estimate of how much you have saved.

Many don’t realise just visiting the homepage of popular sites can cost huge amounts of cash when roaming. On a standard UK O2 data plan, checking the BBC News homepage when sipping your latte in San Francisco costs around £2.30 (£6 per megabyte). Roaming Browser can typically cut down on roaming fees by up to 80% when images and javascript are turned off. These are usually not necessary if you just want to check the footie scores, scan the latest headlines or keep an eye out on the all important status updates on Facebook. We’ve created a short demo video for you:

The standard data roaming rates for the most popular iPhone carriers in the UK and the US are as follows:


O2: £3 per megabyte in Europe, £6 elsewhere
Vodafone: £1 per megabyte in Europe, £3 elsewhere
Orange: £3 per megabyte in Europe, £8 elsewhere
Three: £1.28 per megabyte in Europe, £3-10 elsewhere

AT&T: $15 per megabyte in Canada, $19.50 elsewhere
Verizon: $2.05 per megabyte in Canada, $5.12 Mexico, $20.48 elsewhere

Download this from the App Store today! Don’t let the carriers get away with roaming robbery.